Why did the robot cross the road? - Matthew

He was programmed by the chicken!

What gets wetter the more it dries? - Devin

A towel!

Where do polar bears keep their money? - Maci

In a snow bank!

What did the apple say to the orange? - Maci

Nothing! Apples don't talk.

Why did the nurse need a red pen at work? - Kaylee

In case she needed to draw blood!

What does a cow ride on to get across the road? - Elizabeth

A mooootor cycle!

What kind of shoes does a frog like? - Minerva

Open toad shoes!

What instrument can a turkey play? - Xeraya

The Drums! (because they have drumsticks)

What did the mom buffalo say to the boy buffalo when she sent him to school? - Carlee

By Son (bison)!

Why did the bell want to be peppers? - Selah

Because he was silly!

Why was the cactus always late? - Selah

Because he was pokey!

If Frosty the Snowman married a vampire, what would they name their child? - Ellie


Why did the man name his dogs Timex and Rolex? - Lilleigh

They were watchdogs!

Why did the cow cross the road? - Selah

Because it wanted to go to the Mooooovie theater!

What do you call a guy in the air that has a million dollars? - Jacob

A millionaire!

Why did the dog cross the road? - author unknown

To get to the bread!